Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas so you don’t over the feast

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas for meals ranging from ham to casserole, pumpkin pie to yams, turkey to mashed potatoes, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas could fail you on the Thanksgiving night.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

An average citizen of America can consume up to 4,500 calories during the holiday period meal, the Calorie Control Council (CCC) has confirmed that the body gains pound from 3,500 calories.

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Keeping your eating habit in checked during the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is necessary for checkmating the body calorie level.

Check out the mindful tips for eating during Thanksgiving dinners.

1. Hydrate
Consumption of at least a gallon of water on a daily basis as recommended by dietitians should also be practiced during this period.
It has been recorded that not consuming enough water leads to hunger which eventually makes you binge.

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2. Breakfast
Breakfast still remains the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be ignored for any reason, as it may delay the appetite for Thanksgiving dinner.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

3. Work out
Exercising for 30 – 1 hr just before the Thanksgiving dinner helps in burning at least 400 – 600 calories, which isn’t such a bad idea. is it.
You shouldn’t overdo as they will be lots of chicken staring at you straight in the face during dinner.

4. Avoid excessive eating
If by chance you miss the first 4,500 – calorie threshold, the second might strike you like a thunder lightning.
Taking about 20 – 30 minutes to digest a meal before having another meal is ideal, But if you feel the crush and decide on diving straight back into it, Bingo.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

5. Have liquid calories mind
Vodka with fruit juice (Cocktail) should do the job of packing accumulated calorie in the system.
Wine and beer are no exceptions to this trick.
Healthy cocktail can help stem excessive sugar in the system.

6. Sleep
Self-deprivation of sleep a day prior to the Thanksgiving can cause one to overdo the Thanksgiving feast.
Experts suggest that a good sleep of 7 – 9 hrs on Wednesday night can boost the level of satisfaction for the Thanksgiving dinner.

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