How to cure mouth odor – 4 Home remedies

Mouth odor can be an embarrassing condition caused band of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacterias that breeds under the surface of the tongue and frequently in the neck and tonsil area.

mouth odor cure
These bacterias assist in digestive function by wearing down proteins into amino acids, and along the way, they excrete a substance that brings about bad breath.

Mouth odor can be such an embarrassing condition that leads to neglect by your co-works in the office place.
This same embarrassing condition has brought misunderstanding amongst spouse in a relationship.

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Well in this article I will be showing you proven effective ways for mouth odor cure.

Four simple approaches to mouth odor cure

mouth odor cure


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A dry oral cavity provides a conducive environment for the band of anaerobic bacteria that triggers mouth odor.
Having a wet mouth by stimulating steady flow saliva will make the mouth unconducive for these band of bacterias.
This is achieved done by gum(i.e nicotine) lozenges or mints that are sugar-free.
A steady consumption of water throughout the day can keep your mouth dry thereby making it unfavorable for these band of bacterias.

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Brush your tooth at least two times a day preferably when you wake in the morning and before you sleep at night.
It is vital you don’t skip teeth brushing in the night because the mouth is dry all through the night as a result of no saliva being produced by the salivary glands, which tends to provide a favorable condition for these band of bacterias.
Brushing your teeth after eating at night helps get rid of food remnants that bacterias feed on thereby leads to mouth odor during metabolism by these bacterias.


Remember the word “An apple per day keeps the physician away”.
Well, Fruits such as( apples, bananas, oranges, potatoes) gives a good breath, although the science behind it has not been revealed, some physicians said that the acid content of the fruit makes the mouth unfavorable for the bacterias to reside.

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(Including the Backside of your tongue) As time passes, there’s a coating that sorts on your tongue that becomes web bacterias.
in other to reach the trunk of your tongue you could use a small brush or a scraper to clean the extreme end of your tongue.
These scrapper aids in removing dead cells and remnants of food particle.

A short video about mouth odor cure

Bottom Line: mouth odor cure is basically some home remedies which are simple to adhere to and gives effective results, In cases of chronic odor a dentist should be consulted for further examination of mouth odor.

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