6 Simple Tips to Maintain Slim Body – The Little Known Method

A few days ago, a woman emailed me pertaining to my previous article on how to lose belly fat, she said hello sir, good day I read your article on how to lose belly fat, Thanks a lot, I followed the simple steps you provided and it worked perfectly for me.

But my main purpose of writing to you is how do I maintain this new awesome shape?

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Quickly I replied her (sharing with her this article on how to maintain slim body), and today am sharing these article with the world at large.

Below are the simple steps on how to maintain the awesome body shape.

1. Drink Lots of Water

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maintain slim body


Drinking at least two liters of water on a daily basis has proven to be very effective. It has been shown that drinking warm water early in the morning with little addition of lemon (squeezed into in the water) speeds up the whole process.

Drinking water helps flushes out impurities from the blood which in turns reduces the risk of obesity and helps maintain good body shape.

2. Substitute meals rich in fats

maintain slim body


Proper substitution of fatty meals with adequate healthy meals such as mushroom and beans are the best substitute for beef.

Lean meats such as chicken and turkey which are extremely low in fat are recommended by doctors and fat meats are warned against.

3. Avoid fruit juice

maintain slim body


Juice of a fruit is very high in sugar; its main nutrient is in its fiber.

It’s healthier to consume the whole the fruit instead because of its balanced nature of the nutrient.

4. Eat only when you are hungry

maintain slim body


Ideally, luxury eating is one of the main causes of obesity. Eating only when you are hungry and eating the right meal.

Dinner is meant to be taken on or before 8:00 pm to enable quick digestion before bedtime.


5. Detoxification

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body circulation. These toxins are

A chemical substance found in food which in the collection will lead to accumulation of fat.

The body ability to oxidize fat is affected by a toxin (organochlorine compound), they don’t metabolize, and they get stored in fatty tissue.

And this chemical is found in plastic, pesticide, herbicides, avoiding this toxin in ways of inhalation, consumption will help reduce the risk of obesity, fight against constipation and reduce bloating.

  1. Fruits

maintain slim body


Fruits are with low sugar level listed below are best in maintaining good body shape

  • Cucumber: Cucumber is so far the best low-calorie food which contains about 95 percent of water which aids in eliminating toxins from the body circulation.
  • Grape: grape is known for its ability to lower insulin level in the blood, hormone which can facilitate weight loss. Taking grape before a meal has proven to help in the course of weight loss.
  • Kiwifruit: kiwifruit is one of the best slimming fruit which contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which aid in food digestion.

Kiwifruit provides the feeling of fullness which in turn makes you eat less and thus help you retain your slim body.

  • Kale: Kale contains enough fiber that promotes health.

Creates a bulk in the stomach which accounts for the fullness as result of these bulk

Low intake of calories is achieved and fullness is attained.

  1. Sleep

maintain slim body


Sleep can’t be overemphasized on this topic, it has been proven that good sleep facilitate weight loss and reduced the rate of eating in individuals in the course o weight loss

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