How to treat insomnia using pressure point in the body

How to treat insomnia using pressure point in the body, In this article I will show you some practical steps to treating insomnia.

But first what is insomnia?

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it hard for an individual sleep and stays asleep. Having insomnia prevents many people from getting the six to nine hours of sleep per night that experts recommend.

Some people experience short periods of insomnia for a few days or weeks, while others have insomnia for months at a time.

Acupressure may provide some relief. Acupressure involves using physical touch to stimulate pressure points that correspond to different aspects of physical and mental health.

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While you can have acupressure done by a professional, you can also try stimulating pressure points on your own.

Below are five pressure points you can try on your own.

1. Spirit gate

The spirit gate point is located at the crease on your outer wrist, below your pinkie finger.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia using spirit gate:

  • Feel for the small, hollow space in this area and apply gentle pressure in a circular or up-and-down movement.
    Continue for two to three minutes.
  • Hold the left side of the point with gentle pressure for a few seconds, and then hold the right side.
  • Repeat in the same area of your other wrist.

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2. Three yin intersection

The three yin intersection point is located on your inner leg, just above your ankle.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia using three yin intersection:

  • Locate the highest point on your ankle.
  • Count four finger widths up your leg, above your ankle.
  • Apply deep pressure slightly behind your biggest lower-leg bone (tibia), massaging with circular or up-and-down motions for four to five seconds.

3. Bubbling spring

The bubbling spring point is located on the sole of your foot. It’s the small depression that appears just above the middle of your foot when your curl your toes inward.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia using bubbling spring:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent so you can reach your feet with your hands.
  • Take one foot in your hand and curl your toes.
  • Feel for the depression on the sole of your foot.
  • Apply firm pressure and massage this point for a few minutes using circular or up-and-down motion.

4. Inner frontier gate

The inner frontier gate point is found on your inner forearm between two tendons.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia using inner frontier gate:

  • Turn your hands over so that your palms are facing up.
  • Take one hand and count three finger widths down from your wrist crease.
  • Apply a steady downward pressure between the two tendons in this location.
  • Use a circular or up-and-down motion to massage the area for four to five seconds.

5. Wind pool

The wind pool point is located on the back of your neck. You can find it by feeling for the mastoid bone behind your ears and following the groove around to where your neck muscles attach to the skull.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia using wind pool:

  • Clasp your hands together and gently open your palms with your fingers interlocked to create a cup shape with your hands.
  • Use your thumbs to apply a deep and firm pressure toward your skull, using circular or up-and-down movements to massage this area for four to five seconds.
  • Breathe deeply as you massage the area.

Bottom Line: Acupressure has been around for thousands of years, but experts only recently started to evaluate its effectiveness as a medical treatment. While most of the existing studies about acupressure and sleep are small, their results are promising.

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