Glowing Skin- Who else wants a little-known Guarantee Method in 30 Days

Glowing Skin has been the order of the day for individuals in different category of life such as

  • Models
  • Musicians
  • Politicians
  • Presenters
  • Actors and actresses

All but to mention a little, pharmacy and dermatology has provided various supplements and ointment for the skin.

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But these supplements have provided little or no result in some certain individuals with some particular conditions restricting (inhibiting) the maximum effect of these drugs.

These factors below contribute a lot to that dry, itchy skin of yours

  • Humidity
  • Dry Weather
  • Rain
  • Temperature
  • Insects

You just go ahead and name them, here comes the good news.

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In today article I will be showing you quick simple little-known method to get your skin glowing likes that of a new born baby to match that perfect reputation you are leaving up to.

Below are the world most reliable methods

Food: The # 1 Method of Glowing Skin

Food! Food! Food!

I know this is exactly what bumped into your mind right now, and the big question is what the heck food has got to do with how my skin looks?

Well, let me remind you of these old saying “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, what those this tell you?

Your skin simply illuminates what you eat and that is the #1 secret of getting glowing skin.

This means if I eat junk such as

  • Snacks, pizza, can foods

Well, I don’t need to tell you my skin I going to look exactly like junk; I decide to eat healthy foods

  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Etc

Will promote the collagen fiber in your skin and in turn give you a glossy skin.

The role of healthy fruits can’t overplay in glowing of your skin, and especially fruit high in VIT C which is a powerful antioxidant which is needed in maintaining and keeping the immune system intact, giving you a glowing skin.

The good news is you can find this vitamin (VIT C) in our everyday fruits listed below

  • Papaya
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Orange

Drink: The # 2 Method of Glowing Skin


One of the most effective practice techniques used by prominent people in the entertainment industry and the world’s most celebrated individuals is drinking of WATER.

Yea I said it, water drinking. Lots of research has been done on water, and it was proven by a chemist that water is the No. 1 solvent in the universe which is a good thing isn’t it.

Think of water as a moisturizer, moisturizers are a substance that moistens our skins, also think of it as a purifier in this sense it flushes impurities from the body which leaves you with no interference in the body collagen synthesizer thereby giving you that glowing skin you always dreamed of.

Now knowing fully, the immeasurable importance of water, the big question now is how much quantity of water of water one should take to attain the full potential of it.

13cups for male and 8-9cups for females in a day, my advice take water instead of juice when exhausted when eating when working out when reading.

Applicants: The # 3Method of Glowing Skin

Just as some cream and ointment are very impressive on our skins are some very dangerous on our skin too,

Some are very superficial in action which is quite okay but I will settle for something more impressive and

Goes deeper into my skin in the course of its action.

So I took my time to research on creams and ointment that works best and below is what I came up with

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  • MASK

Mask keeps you hydrated and it penetrates deep into your skin and sucks out excessive oils, gets rid of dead skins and in turn give you a glowing skin.

GlamGlow this is the leading brand in skin product which tackles the issue of variation in the skin. For some individuals, GlamGlow works best in summer, so I strongly recommend you verified which season of the year it works best for you.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Almond Moisturizer Neal’s yard remedies is best known for its abundant in Vit C, which helps to tone, balance and finally moisturize your skin.

For the record, it’s best effective in winter.

Lola’s Apothecary Orange Patisserie Warming Body Souffle Contains coconut buffer that’s rich in Vit E which is an essential fatty acid.

It eliminates those dry flakes on your skin, with its good smell like that of vanilla spices.

  • Below are ointment good for your skin recommended by dermatologist

Emma Hardie’s Brilliance Facial Oil

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum


Regardless how old or cracked your skin may seem to appear the above-listed method can give you that glossy skin you admire so much.

Leave your suggestions or questions in the comment section below also share with your family and friends using the social media share buttons.

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